How to use final cut pro x on mac

With innovative features and an intuitive design, Final Cut Pro accelerates post-production. The Magnetic Timeline allows you to easily experiment with story ideas by moving and trimming clips without collisions or sync problems. Use Compound Clips to bundle separate video and audio clips into a single movable package, create Auditions to try out multiple takes in the timeline, and use Synchronized Clips to align video with second-source audio automatically.

Easily tag entire clips or clip ranges with metadata for searching, and create Smart Collections that automatically collect content according to a set of custom criteria. Create 2D and 3D titles right in Final Cut Pro, apply and modify filters, and use the built-in chroma key for high-quality green- and blue-screen effects. Expand on the built-in effects with thousands of third-party tools and templates. Final Cut Pro lets you edit multichannel audio using built-in tools for removing background noise and optimizing levels.

Adjust multichannel audio files in the timeline or open the inspector for more information and options. And batch exporting makes it fast to deliver multiple files or projects in multiple formats.

How to Get Started Editing Videos with Final Cut Pro X

Learn more about Compressor. View up to 16 angles at once in the Angle Viewer. Improve the look of archival and low-light images with powerful noise reduction tools that reduce or eliminate grain and video noise. Create stunning effects and sweeping graphics with Motion, including studio-quality 2D and 3D titles you can open and adjust in Final Cut Pro. Learn more. You can work with High Dynamic Range footage on recent Mac systems that display an extended range of brightness. Work closer to reality than ever before with HDR video. You can view beautiful HDR content on a wide range of Mac computers that use the reserve brightness of the display to show an extended range of light levels.

View High Dynamic Range video the way it was meant to be seen. Import, edit, and grade pristine video with RAW data straight from your camera sensor. The format is optimized for macOS and the latest Mac computers, allowing you to render and export faster than with other RAW formats. Work with untouched image data directly from your camera sensor. The Name is Bond What's compressor and motion? The Name is Bond hmmm, so what can't I export without these?

I'm not too worried about hdr or h David H Dennis Motion is a really simple and elegant way to produce great looking motion graphics. Causio I don't know about now, but I do only amateur video editing and even I found the default compression options too limiting back in the days when I bought it. Your joke is covered in cheese. Franz Weber More importantly: will dpreview.

Final Cut Pro X release notes

Nixyz Am I seeing an oversized cheese grater or a miniature monitor? Franz Weber What a cheesy comment. StoneJack I am looking forward to see the changes. I'm glad to see they are continuously improving this pro app. Nukunukoo Where art thou NVidia? Or Catalina? Raoul Duke That cheese grater looks lit. It does. Raoul Duke Looked in the online manual and couldn't figure out how to get the cheese out, someone help. The new Mac Pro will be something amazing for anyone who needs seriously powerful hardware. Slapstick Noir Is the magnetic timeline still a thing? El Jeffe Yes, and turning it off if you choose is and always has been a thing.

Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4: Installation best practices

Slapstick Noir I didn't know they allowed that. Slapstick Noir They certainly do, but I'm asking because there were many complaints about the MT from mac users. If I'm wrong about any of that, my bad. Just thought I'd chime in for fun. Barry Goyette Magnetic timeline is still a thing. Slapstick Noir If I understand that correctly - it forces a ripple delete? MartynasMartynas Tried to do some H editing, can see a noticeable improvement in rendering speed. Great update.

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Final Cut Pro X and MacOS Mojave - Does it work?!

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Oct 29, review. Oct 28, Tips or suggestions? Contact us! Mobile site. The Vimeo app for macOS gives users full control over their video workflow from the convenience of their desktop. Uploading from Final Cut is now more efficient — you have more control over video codecs, the ability to upload captions, an upload progress bar, and instant access to share links and embed codes.

Create awesome video clips with the music of your choice in an easy, fast and intuitive way.